Gold melon stone museum

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Our church went to Gold melon stone museum last Sunday.
Have not gone to go on a tour for a long time.
It swa very fine that day.
To noes that play have a good time very much.
I show these photos to share with everybody in the blog.

Sever education

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5/1 is Work on the festival.
We class get on the mountain in sweep the floor.
I climb the mountain in Taichung for the first time.
It is interesting that I feel very fresh.
I hope to climb the mountain each week.
It is to serve education though climb the mountain this day.
But I think as if go on a tour.
Domo take blow and steep to play.
I am taking a picture on the way.
The teacher teaches the field and seeks survival.
The Sever education I want to write down.
This is a very good remebrance.


Lacquer painting

Have not gone to the Lacquer painting lesson for a long time.
I miss a teacher very much. Since I am allergic.
I have not gone to class.
This time I at the pattern at the at the plank.
I think the things are very interesting.
I guess that this works will be finished in June.
The lacquer painting is very interesting.
Hope there is one day.
The lacquer painting can prevail in the all parts.


This is my pet..
Her name is Omelette.
She is so cute,but very fierce.
She is being in heat recently.
So I want to help her to finf the boyfriend.(haha,,,,,,,,)
If Omelette gives birth to the child.
Maybe can give Omelette's boyfriedn one among them.
I believe Omelette's child will certainly be very lovely.
You all tell me , Is Omelette so cute right?


That's true.

That's true.I will to go abroad study.
This is first go to overseas study.
I will to expect and to be excited.
Queenie tell me, a matter needing attention.
The example.Lodding question,weater question,
Makes friends question,works question........
Queenie teaches me many things.
I grateful to Queenie for all that she had done.
I hope that I can make like Queenie and Tony this kind of friend.
Heard that Canada's Calgary is a very cold city.
Heard that side work is not good looks.
That's all right.I believed that I may overcome.
I don't want to waste my Mom's money.
So, I must studies diligently well and work diligently well.
Each time writes English diary.
I always to think over how to express, spend me many time. (haha.........)